Betting Systems That Work - Surebet Software, Strategies & Predictions

Here is a list of betting system providers on the internet:


1. Z Code System




  • Fully Automatic Sports Picks

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  • professional tools and service

  • good customer ratings (>95%)


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2. RebelBetting Surebet Software




  • professional arbitrage software

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  • over 125.000 users worldwide


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3. Betkingtipsters - Tipsters




  • Marketplace for buying tips from professional tipsters

  • Big selection of predictions

  • Free to test


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What is a Betting System? Can I win bets with it?


The betting business has grown over the last years and so have different betting systems been created. On the one hand, there are betting experts that share their tips by offering them for money (betting tip service).

On the other hand there are different providers of strategies to use for finding and placing the right bet. Third, there is the so-called "surebet-system" which will be described in this article later.

A betting system can therefore have different appearances.

What is bankroll management?

Bankroll management describes the optimized management of the betting budget. In the betting business it is important to always assure a clean bankroll management. The reason behind is that every tipster needs capital to go through bad times while tipping. By lowering your bets you can make sure you will not walk into liqudity problems.

Fibonacci Betting System

Fibonacci betting systems have been applied to all types of gambling with the Fibonacci sequence and are used as instructions for the required stake. The Fibonacci sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. The strategy starts with you placing your first bet as number 1 of the sequence. If you lose, you place the same amount as many times as the episode dictates. So if your first bet is $ 3 and loses, you bet $ 3 again because 1 follows 1 in the sequence. However, if this second bet loses, you are already wagering € 6 because the number doubles to 2 as a result. If the losing streak continues, you bet € 6, € 15, € 24 and then € 39. As soon as a win is won, it will make up for your losses as long as the odds of the winning bet were higher than 2.60. Always have your budget in mind when you have increased the stake.

The Kelly System

Using the Kelly formula (or: Kelly criterion), the amount to be used for a bet can be determined. It comes from the scientist John Larry Kelly Jr., who dealt intensively with betting and published this formula in 1956, in order to constantly maximize profit despite the risk. The exact derivation of the formula is relatively complex. Basically, it serves to calculate long-term profits through precisely calculated stakes based on the odds and estimated entry.


Example: 100 bets with a probability of 50% are played. The odds are 2.20. If we win, we get back a little more than double the stake. If we assume that 50% of the bets are won, then we will generate profit: (50 * 10 € * 2.20) - 50 * 10 € = 1,100 € - 1000 € = 100 € profit (when using 10 €). With the Kelly formula, the game capital can be optimized so that the bet on successive bets increases if the bet is won and if the loss is lost, the bet is reduced in order to minimize risk.


Example from above (Kelly formula): (2.20 * 0.5 - 1) / (2.2 - 1) = approx.0.8333 = 8.3%. The Kelly requirement (in this case) to maximize profits is therefore to reduce the stake by 8.3% after losses and increase the stake by 8.3% in the case of winnings.

The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli betting strategy is not so much about making up for losses and increasing stakes as it is about making the most of a winning streak. Even regular sports bets usually had a few weeks in which it appeared as if each bet placed turned gold. The Paroli method requires a high stake as you win - which in turn helps compensate for losses that occurred in the past or at the beginning of this strategy. It is very easy to stand up: all you have to do is place the same bets until you win and then double that single bet on your next bet. If you win again, you double the bet again. Many end their parole strategy after a triple high win.

Betting System 1-3-2-6


The numbers 1, 3, 2 and 6 indicate the amount of the bet. Players should first consider how high a single bet (i.e. a unit or unit) is. In the first round, 1 unit is bet. If the player loses, he remains with 1 unit. If he wins, 3 units are placed. If he wins after 3 units have been bet, 2 units will be used. If he loses after 3 units have been placed, he will bet 3 units again in the next round.


Let's take an example:


One unit is € 10.


Round 1: € 10 will be bet, the player wins.

Round 2: € 30 is bet, the bank wins.

Round 3: € 30 is bet, the bank wins.

Round 4: € 30 will be bet, the player wins.

Round 5: € 20 is bet, the player wins.

Round 6: € 60 is bet, the player wins.


This method is also not mathematically proven, but players who stick to their previously defined limits and can do mental arithmetic shouldn't hurt to try this system.

Winning with the right Betting System

1. What kind of bet strategy is foundation of my system?

1a. Over / Under System


When betting over, it is predicted that a number of hits will be exceeded at least.


Example: Over 1.5 goals = at least 2 goals / hits


Under betting is predicted that the number of hits will not be exceeded.


Example: Under 2.5 goals = no more than 2 goals / hits

1b. System Single Bet


A bet where only one bet is made for a game.


Example: Team 1 wins


1c. System Multi-way betting


A bet in which several tips are given for a game.


Example: Team 1 wins or there are over 1.5 goals (2 goals)


1d. System Combi bet


Several games are predicted in the combination bet.

The logic is as follows (exemplary):

You choose to:


Bet: € 20 Game 1:


There are at least 3 goals - odds 2.0


Game 2: Team 1 wins - odds 3.0


Game 3: Team 2 wins - odds 1.5


Winnings: € 180


It is important to understand that in the case of the combination bet, all predictions have to occur in order for the bet to be won. If one of the predictions does not materialize, the bet is lost!

1e. System bet


With the system bet, several games are predicted with one difference to the classic combination bet. Let's take the example above as an illustration:

Bet: € 20


Game 1: There are at least 3 goals - odds 2.0

Game 2: Team 1 wins - odds 3.0

Game 3: Team 2 wins - odds 1.5  


So-called betting routes are now defined.


With 3 games there is the possibility to choose 2/3 or 1/3. 2/3 means: If a forecast does not come true, then all other combinations come true.


Using the example above, this would mean:


Bet: € 20


Game 1: At least 3 goals - odds 2.0 - did not win

Game 2: Team 1 wins - odds 3.0 - win

Game 3: Team 2 wins - odds 1.5 - win


Two bets are lost: 1st bet: € 6.7 (since 3 bets were placed - € 20/3)


Game 1: At least 3 goals - odds 2.0 - did not win

Game 3: Team 2 wins - odds 1.5 - win


2nd bet: € 6.7 (since 3 bets were placed - € 20/3)


Game 1: At least 3 goals - odds 2.0 - did not win

Game 2: Team 1 wins - odds 3.0 - win

A bet has been won:  


Bet: € 6.7 (since 3 bets have been placed - € 20/3)

Game 2: Team 1 wins - odds 3.0 - win

Game 3: Team 2 wins - odds 1.5 - win


Winnings: € 30 The system bet can be concluded with several games and paths. However, keep in mind the lower stakes that are spread out along the way. This also reduces the profit per way.

2. What should I tip?

There are different numbers of betting options depending on the betting provider. The core tips such as Victory or tie and over / under are almost always available. However, there are also providers who offer an enormous amount of different typing options. A few impressions to highlight the diversity and to generate ideas for strategies:

  • yellow / red cards in game

  • Fouls (+/-)

  • Corners (+/-)

  • Goal scorers

  • Half-time results

  • ...


3. Choose risk


Key questions for choosing the right risks are:

3a) Which odds are not too risky?

3b) What is my bet?

3c) Whats the system risk?

Explanations for beginners in online betting

1) What is a deposit bonus?


The betting providers are fighting hard for new customers due to the competition. To increase the attractiveness, grant a certain amount or percentage as a deposit bonus. With this bonus you can bet, but there are special requirements. It is usually required to wager the bonus amount x times before the withdrawal is possible. You can find out more about this in the bonus conditions. Example: Bonus of 200 euros must be fully implemented twice. That means you must have already wagered a total of € 400.


2) What are betting providers and what should be considered when choosing?

The betting provider provides its customers with a betting program or betting offer. This is created by so-called bookmakers. The bets are placed with the betting provider, i.e. you pay the betting provider a deposit amount X. When placing a bet, a type of contract is concluded that obliges the betting provider to pay you the winning amount when all the typed results occur. When choosing the betting provider, a background check should be carried out (e.g. via Google). So you can quickly find out whether it is a reputable provider or not. An overview of popular betting providers is currently being created by us.


Other known betting systems

1. Late goals betting (76th-90th minute)


Find games where many goals are expected. These are mostly games in which there is a clear winner with a 3-way win rate of less than 1.3. Bet evenly on all selected games on the additional bet "Last goal is scored in minute 76-90". This bet is offered on almost all major games, this bet has a low risk factor, so it has a great chance of winning!


2. Low odds betting

If you try to hit the big jackpot every day in order to win "quick money", you are taking great risks. If you bet once a day on a 1.10 odds bet, after 10 days you have increased your money by a factor of 2.59. So 1 euro becomes 2.59 euros. After 80 days you won 2048.40 euros. If you lose here, of course, everything is gone. So I guess you cut the money in half after 20 days and only keep playing with one half.

3. Draw bets

Pick a team, no matter which one. Bet for this team's next match on a tie. A little effort is enough. If the game ends in a tie, your set amount is tripled on average. If it doesn't work, you will make a tie bet the next time the same team plays, with at least the same stake. If you are successful this time, you will get a third more than you have bet so far, make 2 out of 3. If it does not work, repeat the process the next time this team plays. If you have the desired result on the third attempt, you will still get your money back, thanks to the high odds. If you still can't make it this time, raise your bet for the fourth try. Continue this process until there is a tie. The goal is also to remember the lost bets to get to know the matches and opponents and to find an optimal strategy for yourself.


4. Handicap bets

In a so-called handicap bet, a betting provider gives the supposedly weaker team a head start, which is subsequently added to the actual result. For example, a favorite team does not start with a handicap bet with a score of 0: 0, but is already behind with a score of 0: 1 before the kick-off. If the game officially goes 1: 0 for the expected winner, the result of the bet after deduction of the handicap is 1: 1. Decisive for the win is therefore not the official final result, but the result plus the specified number of goals. This type of bet is used on the one hand to increase the chance of a tie between the two teams, and on the other hand to increase the odds for a favorite win. Handicap bets are an excellent way to increase your odds and the associated potential profit. The odds for a favorite win increase due to the fictional handicap.


5. Goal / Goal Bets

We have a 2 way bet as there are only two possible exits. It is much more likely that both teams will score than they will not. This can also be seen in the betting odds. The lowest quota value is around 1.60, so we can speak of a high quota level. Colloquially, this strategy is also called "goal-goal". The opposite of this form of betting is called "no goal goal". This means that only one team scores a goal.

6. Sure Bets (Arbitrage Betting)

Sure bets are basically about benefiting from the differences in the odds decision of different bookmakers. Different betting providers are compared in terms of odds on certain outcomes of the same games. There are now many providers who offer software to help find Sure Bets, which directly brings the betting portals together or identifies Sure Bets.


You can find a list of such providers in our comparison above.


Example of a sure bet:


Provider A offers odds 2.6 for the outcome of the outsider's win or a draw.

Provider B offers odds 2.2 for the outcome of the favorites win.

We bet on provider A € 100 on the outsider's victory or a draw.

We do the same at provider B with victory of the favorite.


Result: We win either € 260 or € 220 with a total bet of € 200. In any case, the profit is at least € 20.